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SpeakerToolbox: Extreme Slide Makeover

Extreme slide makeover results in a stronger campaign for the NJ Sharing Network NJ Sharing Network speakers were held captive by the words on their slides. After participating in the Professionally Speaking workshop they revamped their presentations replacing content heavy … Continue reading

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Speaker be-Aware – Speaking in the 21st Century

In Part 1 Speaker be-Aware- the ABC’s of presenting, I reflected on Daniel Pink’s new book “To Sell is Human.” Pink suggests that the time-honored ABC’s of selling – Always Be Closing – have evolved and introduces their contemporary counterparts: Attunement, … Continue reading

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SpeakerByte #57: Collect & Connect

Many presenters allow themselves to focus on the teleprompter…and end up reading a script rather than connecting with their listeners. Remember, glance at the teleprompter, collect your thoughts, and then look out and connect with your audience as you speak.

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PowerPoint Presentations with Video Bring Life to a Meeting

I often talk about how best to use visuals by applying the glance & grab ™ strategy. Another interesting addition to your slide deck can be video. Remember, visuals are used to enhance your message allowing you to remain the “headline … Continue reading

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SpeakerQuestion: How do I use back-up slides if the audience wants more detail?

If back up slides are needed to provide additional detail, you want to follow the same protocol as you used with your primary slides — glance & grab.  Assuming that any back-up slides contain information relevant to what you are … Continue reading

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3 Important Aspects of a Presentation

Think about it, what makes a presentation memorable… I would venture to guess that those you can recall have had at least one of the following elements. Image how successful yours would be with all 3? 1. Passion A topic … Continue reading

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Swimming with the Sharks: 5 Lessons from Reality TV

Recently published on SmartBriefs…lessons from the TV show Shark Tank. I must confess to a guilty pleasure — I love the ABC-TV show, Shark Tank, which gives budding entrepreneurs a chance to realize their dreams with a business deal that could be worth … Continue reading

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