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Leveraging Your Production Company for Presentation Success

You are the keynote speaker at a high-profile conference. You have written your speech. You have crafted a strong, concise message. You have exciting and compelling media to support what you have to say. While you may think the stakes are … Continue reading

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SpeakerToolbox: Extreme Slide Makeover

Extreme slide makeover results in a stronger campaign for the NJ Sharing Network NJ Sharing Network speakers were held captive by the words on their slides. After participating in the Professionally Speaking workshop they revamped their presentations replacing content heavy … Continue reading

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SpeakerQuestion: What are the absolute DO NOT’s when you step up to speak?

There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to public speaking, but here is a secret that can absolutely change the level of engagement with your audience. As you invite your listeners to ask questions or make comments, DO … Continue reading

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SpeakerByte #4: It’s Never About You; It’s Always About Your Audience

Are you self-conscious at the podium; worrying about what you’re doing or not doing? You may be surprised to learn that while you are the speaker, your presentation is never about you. Effective speakers realize that success comes from focusing … Continue reading

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SpeakerByte #56: Confidence Starts with Preparation

Preparation is the silver bullet that is sure to boost confidence when you step up to speak. It requires taking the time to understand your audience, giving thoughtful consideration in crafting your message, rehearsing your presentation (out-loud), as well as … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Combat Public Speaking Anxiety

If you suffer from speaker’s anxiety, you’re in excellent company. Fear of public speaking still ranks as one of the top — if not the number one fear — in the western world. Even seasoned speakers experience some amount of … Continue reading

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A New Way to Use PowerPoint to Build Your Presentation

The past several weeks I have been consulting with companies representing four very different industries and yet they had one thing in common . . . the first thing each speaker did was to hand me a hard copy of … Continue reading

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