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Presentations & Visual Aids: It’s show and tell

Most presenters find that using some sort of visual aid helps them to engage their audience. Some people, however, make the mistake of leaning too heavily on their visual aids. Doing so detracts from their speech and distracts the audience.  … Continue reading

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SpeakerToolbox: Extreme Slide Makeover

Extreme slide makeover results in a stronger campaign for the NJ Sharing Network NJ Sharing Network speakers were held captive by the words on their slides. After participating in the Professionally Speaking workshop they revamped their presentations replacing content heavy … Continue reading

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Engage your audience with Pecha Kucha

Everyone dreads walking into a presentation only to find a presenter standing in front of a stale PowerPoint presentation. Lengthy lists of bullet points, tired transitions, and bad clip art are no way to engage an audience. Fortunately, there’s a sleek … Continue reading

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Take the Text-less PowerPoint Challenge

Guest Blog: Marshall Makstein, eSlide Have you tried the “textless” PowerPoint slide yet – a slide with no words or text? It may contain a photograph, an illustration, or graph but in order to have an impact it should be … Continue reading

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4 Presentation Skills of Steve Jobs

Would you like your presentations to do more than just pass along information? Do you want to inspire and motivate your listeners to take action? When it comes to improving your presentation skills, it helps to learn from a presenter … Continue reading

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Three Essential Components of PowerPoint Design by eSlide

I often speak about PowerPoint and how to effectively use it in a presentation. My colleagues at eSlide recently posted this blog describing the three vital components to PowerPoint design along with a video that showcases their approach. Learn how structure, … Continue reading

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SpeakerByte #3: Glance & Grab™

Question: How can I create the most effective PowerPoint presentation possible? Answer: Follow the principle of “Glance & Grab™.” We all glance and grab critical information every day to make crucial decisions fast. Why not help your audience do the same? Use … Continue reading

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