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Presentations & Visual Aids: It’s show and tell

Most presenters find that using some sort of visual aid helps them to engage their audience. Some people, however, make the mistake of leaning too heavily on their visual aids. Doing so detracts from their speech and distracts the audience.  … Continue reading

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Questions? Not Just for the End of the Presentation

A daylong conference is often filled with long speeches, big meals, and a sprinkling of breaks.  Guaranteed, there will be times when the audience drifts away from being completely attentive.  In fact, recent research tells us that day dreaming occurs … Continue reading

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SpeakerToolbox: Bobby McFerrin plays the audience…a TedTalk

In this fun, 3-minute performance from the World Science Festival, musician Bobby McFerrin uses the pentatonic scale as well as the entire audience to reveal one of the surprising ways our brains are wired. As you watch this TED talk consider: What … Continue reading

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Swimming with the Sharks: 5 Lessons from Reality TV

Recently published on SmartBriefs…lessons from the TV show Shark Tank. I must confess to a guilty pleasure — I love the ABC-TV show, Shark Tank, which gives budding entrepreneurs a chance to realize their dreams with a business deal that could be worth … Continue reading

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A Presentation for Peace

Presentations are delivered in various shapes, sizes and venues with different approaches…and every presentation should move its audience – their hearts and minds. This video is a “moving” expression of peace. Please pass it on.

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SpeakerToolbox: A Paper Towel Pet Peeve

A virtual coaching moment with Stephanie Scotti, Professionally Speaking In this fun and enlightening TED Talk, Joe Smith reveals a solution to one of his pet peeves: how people use paper towels. As you watch this short video, consider: What … Continue reading

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Make An Impact: 5 Techniques to Ignite Your Next Presentation

Presenters that get results in today’s high-stakes world need to create experiences that challenge listeners to think, discuss, and even question what’s being said. So, what can you do to incorporate interactive elements that emotionally, physically and verbally involve your audience? Consider experimenting these 5 techniques. Continue reading

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