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Going Live: Tips for First Time Corporate Speakers

Recently published on SmartBriefs…8 tips for first time corporate speakers. You’ve been asked to speak at an upcoming business meeting and have learned that some important people will be in the audience. There is a lot riding on this. And … Continue reading

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Crack the C.O.D.E. When the Presentation Stakes are High

Over the past month I have been working with a team of executives as they prepare to launch a new and groundbreaking product . . . exciting news with high-stakes impact. How this message is presented can be a defining moment, influencing how this product … Continue reading

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SpeakerByte #60: Project a Command Presence

“Atteeen–tion”!  That one word brings a platoon of soldiers into perfect formation, creating a presence that inspires respect, credibility and confidence from others. To project a command presence when you step up to speak, hold your head high, shoulders back, … Continue reading

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SpeakerToolbox: Every kid needs a champion…a TedTalk

Rita Pierson, a teacher for 40 years, once heard a colleague say, “They don’t pay me to like the kids.” Her response: “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.’” This TED Talk is a rousing call to educators to … Continue reading

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5 Steps To Take Your Audience From “Listener” to “Ally”

Would  you like to have an audience who is engaged by what you have to say? Listeners who are ready to join your team or moved to take action? Don’t just settle for a room full of listeners. Shoot for … Continue reading

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Expert, Interpreter, Catalyst…where is your presentation on the value chain?

You may be preparing for a quarterly review, analyst meeting or product launch. Perhaps you are getting ready for that next big sales pitch, upcoming conference or trade show speech. As you prepare, stop and ask yourself: “What is the … Continue reading

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SpeakerQuote: Do you understand?

“The only way to communicate is to understand what it is like not to understand.”  –Richard Saul Wurman   Many times I work with clients who are delivering high-stakes presentations in a business-to-business environment.  Though high-stakes can mean different things to … Continue reading

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