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Going Live: Tips for First Time Corporate Speakers

Recently published on SmartBriefs…8 tips for first time corporate speakers. You’ve been asked to speak at an upcoming business meeting and have learned that some important people will be in the audience. There is a lot riding on this. And … Continue reading

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SpeakerQuestion: What if “less” is not enough?

A recent Professionally Speaking webinar: Don’t Make Me Think: Presentations Skills That Achieve Results, included some great questions from participants. One question centered around organizing content and drilling it down to 3-5 main points. One participant requested additional advice on … Continue reading

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How Biased Is Your Presentation?

Oh, what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive. How much more tangled when the person we deceive is our self? In the book Decisive, How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work, New York Bestsellers Chip … Continue reading

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Crack the C.O.D.E. When the Presentation Stakes are High

Over the past month I have been working with a team of executives as they prepare to launch a new and groundbreaking product . . . exciting news with high-stakes impact. How this message is presented can be a defining moment, influencing how this product … Continue reading

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Presentation Tips: A geek’s guide to business presentations

Paul Glen is a self-admitted “geek,” who recognizes that there are communication barriers between his computer-savvy community and the people who need his service and solutions. His entertaining and informative white paper, “A Geek’s Guide to Presenting to Business People” … Continue reading

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Speaker be-Aware — the ABC’s of presenting

A client recently urged me to read Daniel Pink’s new book, “To Sell is Human” (Thank you, Rich!). In this work, Pink describes the changing nature of sales, and a shift in the balance of power from buyer beware to … Continue reading

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SpeakerToolbox: TED Talk, Melissa Marshall – Talk nerdy to me

Melissa Marshall brings a message to all scientists, (from non-scientists): “We’re fascinated by what you’re doing. So tell us about it — in a way we can understand.” In just 4 minutes, she shares powerful tips on presenting complex scientific … Continue reading

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