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SpeakerEvent: QuickChek University, Developing Leaders

It has been my privilege to provide presentation skills training at QuickChek for the past 4 years. This year I am honored to be a part of QuickChek University, a 10-part, in-house leadership development program that supports their mission to empower … Continue reading

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Crack the C.O.D.E. When the Presentation Stakes are High

Over the past month I have been working with a team of executives as they prepare to launch a new and groundbreaking product . . . exciting news with high-stakes impact. How this message is presented can be a defining moment, influencing how this product … Continue reading

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Presentation Tips: A geek’s guide to business presentations

Paul Glen is a self-admitted “geek,” who recognizes that there are communication barriers between his computer-savvy community and the people who need his service and solutions. His entertaining and informative white paper, “A Geek’s Guide to Presenting to Business People” … Continue reading

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SpeakerQuote: Do you understand?

“The only way to communicate is to understand what it is like not to understand.”  –Richard Saul Wurman   Many times I work with clients who are delivering high-stakes presentations in a business-to-business environment.  Though high-stakes can mean different things to … Continue reading

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High-Stakes Presenters Crack the C.O.D.E.™

If you’re facing a high-stakes situation of your own, the question becomes, “What makes some presentations effective and others simply just OK?” To ensure that your next big presentation lands firmly in “brilliant” territory, learn about our four-step C.O.D.E.™ process for cracking the presentation code. Continue reading

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