SpeakerToolbox: Score the State of the Union Address


Obama State of the Union

President Obama will step up to give the State of the Union Address tomorrow evening — talk about a high stakes presentation!  This event challenges us once again to be attentive to both what is said and how it is expressed.

What type of score will you give the President and why?  As you watch, use our Speaker Scorecard to aid in your assessment.

Return “the morning after” and share your thoughts about this all-important event.

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3 Responses to SpeakerToolbox: Score the State of the Union Address

  1. I agree Rob, his posture is more conversational than “formal”. I appreciate his sense of ease “on stage”. What I found disconcerting is that his conversational stance didn’t match up with the formality of his language. Even when he shared “stories”, the formal language threw me off and took away from the message he was attempting to convey.

  2. He certainly doesn’t win any points for posture, and I’ve heard others criticizing the way he leans on the podium, but he does look remarkably comfortable “on stage.”

  3. This is a great tool, Stephanie! State of the Union addresses are such a mess—so long, so many points, so much information. But fun to watch (in a way).

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