SpeakerByte #5: Inspiration Starts with Engagement


To inspire your audience to take action, you have to be fully engaged in your presentation. This means believing in what you’re saying and being confident in your ability to deliver the message — whether you’re addressing a group of 10 or an audience of 10,000.

If you are not personally engaged, why would you expect your audience to be? Inspiration starts with personal engagement.

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2 Responses to SpeakerByte #5: Inspiration Starts with Engagement

  1. HI Cathy, so good to hear from you and thank you for sharing your experience. You are so spot on. Glad to know that you take the time to translate a presentation to “Cathy – speak”.

  2. Cathy Horn says:

    I agree 100%, Stephanie! When I deliver a seminar that I have authored, this is very simple – but when I deliver a seminar that someone else developed, it is painful to prepare – I almost want to rewrite it so it becomes my own message – only then am I fully engaged and only then can I deliver the message with full engagement, conviction and passion.

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