SpeakerToolbox: Eight Steps to a Successful Q & A

Question Mark

Q & A is often the most valuable part of a presentation — it invites dialogue, provides feedback, and, when properly handled, allows you to conclude on an energetic and powerful note.

Consider these eight steps to conducting a successful Q & A.

Step #1: Announce Q & A

Step #2: Invite questions and comments from the entire audience

Step #3: Pause and allow time for participants to consider the question (count to 10 silently as you wait for the first question/comment.

Step #4: Recognize people by name or location (e.g., the gentleman in the 3rd row)

Step #5: If you don’t understand or if you are concerned that others don’t understand the question, ask for it to be clarified

Step#6: Answer the question as succinctly as possible

Step#7:  Conclude the Q & A when you are ahead of the game

Step #8:  Be prepared with strong closing remarks

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2 Responses to SpeakerToolbox: Eight Steps to a Successful Q & A

  1. Thank you for your comment Jane and I agree. Simply answer the question asked and move on. . .

  2. Jane says:

    I reckon number 6 is probably the most important to be aware of. If you over answer a question you run the risk of digging yourself in a hole and talking about things you hadn’t planned on. My advice is if you find yourself digging a hole stop digging!

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