SpeakerEvent: Industry Update Luncheon

Picture1RFor the past 14 years I have had the privilege of working with the executive team of the National Association of Convenience Stores & Fuel Retailing (NACS) as they prepare for their annual meeting and trade show that attracts about 20,000+ attendees from around the world.

Recently NACS president and CEO Henry Armour, invited me to attend an industry update luncheon (IUL) in Greenville, South Carolina (one of 14 IUL’s in 2013) where he spoke to retailers, suppliers and state association executives.

I was looking forward to seeing Hank present in a less formal setting and to a smaller audience (although there were still about 100 people in attendance). I was not disappointed.  In his impeccable way, Hank captured the attention of his listeners with his conversational style. He shared information about industry performance, important legislative and regulatory issues as well as NACS efforts to advocate on behalf of the industry and real-time initiatives facing retailers. This was a great opportunity to learn more about a thriving industry and to gain insight in preparation for the 2013 NACS Show in Atlanta, Georgia.

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