SpeakerToolbox: Daniel Pink’s New Book

I recently read Daniel Pink’s new book, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others.

OK, it isn’t the end all, be all…


However, I can wholeheartedly say that Pink got inside my head, causing me to re-think what it takes to be a credible and engaging speaker in today’s business world.  In fact, this book will be the premise of an upcoming article on the characteristics of a prime-time presenter – attunement, buoyancy and clarity. In the meantime, pick up Pink’s latest book and allow yourself to “be moved”.

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2 Responses to SpeakerToolbox: Daniel Pink’s New Book

  1. Hi John,

    Thank you for your comment…and I’d love to hear more about you connection with Daniel Pink. About 2 years ago I met him at a writer’s group luncheon — there were about 12 of us in an informal setting. He was just a regular guy, easy to relate to and fun.

  2. John Kriger says:

    Thanks Stephanie, I’ve had the good fortune of being in contact with Daniel Pink and he is a fascinating person. I can’t wait to read his new book. Thanks!

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