SpeakerByte #48: Eye Contact is All About Inclusion

Of course eye contact is important when you present. But many presenters only connect with people in the front row. When you look out at your audience, look at everyone — from the front to the back, from side to side and also people in the far back and in the middle.

Make sure you include your entire listening audience in your presentation. 

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4 Responses to SpeakerByte #48: Eye Contact is All About Inclusion

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  2. mcleland says:

    Definitely agree with the importance of eye contact. I’m on board with this as well. In addition, I’ve seen presenters who select just one person to stare at, look above the audience at the back, or glance too quickly across audiences without really connecting.

  3. aufiero says:

    Thank you for your comment and learning. You certainly spoke to the power of authentic eye contact and the importance of including everyone to achieve connection. I look forward to future “conversations” and shared learnings.

  4. Yes indeed, this is great advice. The greater the connection, the greater the impact. Interestingly, a few years ago I did some coaching with a blind association and their blind advocates, some of whom were wearing dark glasses. Initially, the speakers spoke to the ceiling or the floor which although they were there, made them seem ‘not actually present’. So I asked them to look towards at the audience, even though they could not see them. The difference in the connection to the audience was remarkable.

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