SpeakerByte #23: Present Like You’re Conversing

Most people are comfortable having a one-on-one conversation. Put them in front of a crowd, however, and everything changes. But it doesn’t have to! Imagine you’re simply talking to one person who’s genuinely interested in what you have to say.

View every presentation as simply a conversation on a grander scale.

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3 Responses to SpeakerByte #23: Present Like You’re Conversing

  1. Stephanie:
    A very useful observation. When I went looking for how old that idea is, I was surprised to find that it went back over a century:


  2. And you are one of the best Tommy — I’ve seen you in action and I feel like you are talking directly to me.

  3. hilkyboy says:

    Great tip…It works like a charm. I never give a speech…I always give a talk. Keeps my head in the game.

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