3 Top Tips (readers choice!)

Your input and interest have been the inspiration for many of the articles featured in SpeakerNotes. You’ve emailed questions, reflections, and comments, and I appreciate each and every one. Based on your feedback, here’s a recap of the three tips that really resonated with the SpeakerNotes community:
Tip #1: It’s about connection, not perfection. Too often, presenters focus more on being perfect than being prepared and making an impact. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in superficial details, we lose sight of what’s really important – connecting with our audience.
While strong platform skills are important, it’s your ability to relate to your listeners that makes your message truly memorable.
Tip #2: Think the thought. Audience engagement starts with you. If you’re not personally invested in what you’re saying, how can you expect your listeners to be? No matter how skilled you are, an audience can always tell when you’re simply repeating a memorized script or reading versus truly thinking about what you are saying.
By taking the time to consider your words as you say them and consciously staying “in the moment,” you’ll take your effectiveness to new heights.
Tip 3: Own the room. As you prepare to make your presentation, close your eyes for a moment and imagine that your presentation space is no longer a ballroom, or a boardroom, or a trade show hall. Instead, it’s your living room. Welcome the audience as you would a guest to your home.
This simple change of perspective allows you to project confidence and manage the dynamics of the room because, after all, you’re the host.
So there they are, the top three tips based on your feedback. Keep those comments coming — I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation!
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